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Advisory and implementations on people analytics & operations.

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Expect insights, predictions and best practices about engagement, burn-out, retention, performance management, recruitment and much more.

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People insights make that 5% difference to win

Physical strengths, individual characters, group dynamic, medical parameters, cultural differences and family situations, all work together. We measure and analyse. We collaborate with diverse staff members, as we are convinced together we can make the difference to win.

current situation

Sports clubs became more professional as they care about nutrition, mental aspects, core stability, and so on. Improving one dimension does impact another, and it's hard and time consuming to find the optimal balance between all dimensions.

what's our solution

We analyse the data to understand the big picture about all dimensions in the system.
We make data based simulations to see how decisions would make an impact before they even happen.
Data Analytics is a team sports; therefore we closely work together with the full staff.

the results

Depending on the imperatives, it’s a proven way to boost sports performance and injury prevention.
But sports analytics is more than math. It reveals the impact of forgotten parameters, creating a culture where everything matters to win.

With our specialised partner in brain modulation technologies, we experiment to again improve another performance percentage. Yes we want to win too.
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People Analytics is about people centricity & market value

People Operations is about aligning people decisions with market value. We use predictive and machine learning methods to understand, predict and suggest business imperatives.

current situation

Traditional HR departments are based on business process optimization for their own sake, while the organisational trend shifted towards people centricity to retain talent, and to provide best in class services & products.

Therefore organisations loose both talent as well as customer satisfaction.

what's our solution

We advice and implement about people operations & analytics on topics which really matter for your business.

We are passioned about people operations and data sciences, and we use traditional and Next Gen HR tech tools to make your People Operations future proof.

the results

Many reference projects show a huge impact, and proof that People Analytics today is a must have.

We foster small first steps, starting with a need analysis and using the data which is already there.
We also see a trend in fast growing startups using this scalable approach as of day 1, as they are intrinsically concerned about their young high potentials.
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